ash fucking cold as ice

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Everyone says they was to see Cap pick up Thor’s hammer in AoU, but everyone knows that Cap’s a good guy.

No, what I want is for Natasha to pick it up. In the heat of battle, and it lands beside her, and she gets cornered so she grabs for a piece of debris to attack with and she just swings it completely without meaning too.

Then she realises that maybe she’s good, maybe she’s wiped out the red in her ledger.

Maybe she’ll realise that she’s a hero.

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Dragon Age II, ACT II: a summary.

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Is that all it’s ever going to be?

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sure you follow me on tumblr but would you follow me through the Omega 4 Relay

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Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Classes (x)

Archer // Necromancer // Assassin // Elementalist // Keeper // Alchemist // Katari // Reaver // Legionnaire

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[The Office theme song playing]

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hello potion seller. I’m going into battle, and I need only your strongest potions

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When bioware shows leliana being hurt in the demos


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If you’re feeling anything less than happy, Here’s Peter Dinklage on a scooter.

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tahs 30 second guide for university freshmen

  • its probably not really the best years of your life just go ahead and realize this
  • you were probably the smartest kid in your high school. in college, every student was probably the smartest kid in their high school
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I just found this on stumbleupon with no context and no website. Just the image url.

Who is she

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